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Cassandra: Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad Pro - Availability in Thailand

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By Graham K. Rogers


Although Apple has its Smart Case for the iPad Pro with a built-in Keyboard, there are a couple of drawbacks. At this stage, keys are only available for English, and it is a touch expensive. Nonetheless, it is a real investment for anyone who intends to use the iPad Pro as a productivity device.

I have been using the iPad Pro along with the Smart Case for a couple of weeks now and am quite enthusiastic. My typing (usually quite iffy) is as good as with the MacBook or my MacBook Pro and it has made a considerable difference to how I view Apple's largest iOS device.

Apple Smart Case for iPad Pro

When the iPad Pro came on the market, Logitech also released their own keyboard in a case, the Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector for iPad Pro. There have been several favourable reviews of this. Terry White, for example, on his Tech Blog, regarding it as a clear winner.

I was able to find the keyboard on Amazon and it is available for shipping here, but the price of $149.99 has a whopping $97.76 added for "Shipping & Import Fees Deposit". I am aware that a portion of this deposit is usually returned, but the overall price is something of a deterrent.

I looked at the Logitech site for Thailand, but saw no information on this accessory there, so wrote to the Logitech's Media Relations section asking for information. I was pleased to have a reply back within a few minutes, although the content was not what I hoped.

Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case
Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case on Apple Online Store for Singapore

Currently the Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro is available exclusively on Apple Online for Singapore. It will also be made available to offline channels in Singapore sometime in mid-January. Sadly, there are no plans as yet to have this made available in Thailand.

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