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Cassandra: iOS 8 - A Slow Update for Users in Thailand (Success Nonetheless)

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By Graham K. Rogers


Although I tried to download the iOS 8 update earlier today, starting in the small hours, by the time I was ready to go to the office, the progress bar still showed 2 hours remaining. I killed the Wi-Fi and walked out of the door. When I looked again, the download was gone and I was asked to update again. Later, I thought.

Back home early evening, I tried again and this time things were much better. The internet is slow this week here and in other parts of South-east Asia as the submarine cable is cut - again - this time somewhere off the coast of Vietnam. Perhaps some fisherman tried to pull up the cable with grappling tool: a lot of salvageable material there. Nonetheless, with this not being the first time, we still do not seem to have learned the idea of redundant systems here, although some carriers in the region, along with Japan are planning a new cable.

Within a few minutes of me starting the evening download, the progress bar was showing 13 minutes remaining. When this was done, it took another 30 minutes to prepare, then I was offered the chance to Install.

After pressing Install I was asked to click on the licence agreement; and verify. Verify failed: not connected to the Internet. Nonsense. Install again: Agree; Verify. This time it accepted that the Internet was working and laboured away at its verification process for about 5 minutes. The screen went black and that gearwheel appeared, followed by the Apple icon.

iOS 8 Update

A progress line under the Apple slowly went white, from left to right. From the start of verification to the completion of the line took some 22 minutes. The Apple icon alone was on the screen for a minute or so more, then another progress bar appeared. I presume these two may have been unpacking and installing. I had time to unpack the chicken, the rice and the soup before it was halfway done, although as soon as I started eating, the progress bar perversely raced across the screen.

iOS 8 Update

With the Apple logo again in the centre, the data at the top of the screen (signal, carrier, battery) came on for a moment. The screen went blank. I expected a restart, but when nothing happened I pressed the Home button and saw the familiar passcode entering screen.

A multi-language greeting screen appeared and it is necessary to slide the screen to the right: that instruction (in several languages) is not visible all the time. I was then asked to authorise Location services (or not) and enter the iCloud password followed by security questions and more licence agreements.

When iCloud settings were done, a further screen asked if I wanted to share App analytics with developers. I think this is important, so agreed to that; then I was allowed to get started.

Shortly after finishing the setup, a message on the Mac told me that new iCloud settings for the iPhone were being used. My apps looked all the same on the Home screen, although I expect some changes. This morning there were several app updates and other changes; and I read in an email from Jeff Carlson (The iPad for Photographers) that the iOS version of iPhoto, is dead under iOS 8. Users are asked to migrate to Photos. I envisage more of this when the OS X version of Photos is released early next year.

Some of the settings, particularly in relation to iCloud have been changed with iCloud also sporting a new icon as has been seen already in OS X screenshots. Handoff is shown in the settings, but this will not work for those using Mavericks (or before of course). It is time to take a general (and gentle) tour round the iPhone.

Graham K. Rogers teaches at the Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University in Thailand where he is also Assistant Dean. He wrote in the Bangkok Post, Database supplement on IT subjects. For the last seven years of Database he wrote a column on Apple and Macs. He is now continuing that in the Bangkok Post supplement, Life.



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