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Cassandra: Hasseblad H6D-400C MS Output - Justification but at a Price

By Graham K. Rogers


Hasselblad Recently Hasselblad announced its new flagship camera, the H6D-400C MS: a superb camera even with its 50MP sensor, but now with a massive 400 MS option (the MS stands for multi-shot). At a price of just under $40,000, this is only for a few, of course.

A press release from Hasselblad has a link to a series of images by Göran Liljeberg. These are of insects and a single shot on the linked page shows clearly how important these cameras will be.

The stag beetle shown on the page, is sharp and clear, but remains so when clicked on. At the side of the screen are zoome controls and the image can be enlarged multiple times, still retaining considerable sharpness.

There are other links on the page, including to Liljeberg's own page, where more images can be seen. The YouTube video of the camera (below) is embedded and there are also links to more Hasselblad pages.

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