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Epson Launches New SCARA Robots

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By Graham K. Rogers


Epson Corporation has announced an expansion of robots available in its SCARA (industrial selective compliance assembly robot arm) line with a new series of T robots. These are expected to provide lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The first of these, the T3, is set to be released in limited markets this month. Epson T3 Its design is aimed primarily for simple material handling applications, such as test machine loading/ unloading.

The four key product features are given as:

  • A built-in controller to save space and simplify robot setup and redeployment;

  • A batteryless motor unit reduces maintenance and factory downtime;

  • An end-effector I/O port and a short, stable cable conduit simplify cabling work; and

  • The T3 runs on a low supply voltage (AC100V), using 30% less power than when compared with an Epson LS3 SCARA robot and RC90 controller

Deploying T3 robots will enable factory owners to free up space that was taken up by a large number of robots and use their floor space more efficiently and productively.

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