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Epson Announces WorkSense W-01: Technically Advanced Mobile Robot with Two 7-axis Arms

By Graham K. Rogers


Epson has announced a commercialized version of what they describe as a "seeing, sensing, thinking, working" autonomous dual-arm robot, which is intended for use in industrial applications where it could enhance flexibility in manufacturing.

WorkSense W-01 While most industrial robots are designed for fixed-location operations, the WorkSense W-01 can be wheeled from place to place so can be moved to the best location for any specific task.

There are four main areas in which the WorkSense W-01 has technical advantages: 4 head-unit cameras and 2 arm-mounted cameras for vision that can detect (and help avoid) objects in its path; highly sensitive, precision force sensors on the 7-axis robot arms for delicate tasks, along with multipurpose hands to grasp, grip, and clamp objects; accurate detection of position and orientation of objects in three-dimensional space, allowing immediate adaptation to new tasks; independent movement of the 7-axis arms, adding extra abilities over robots with single arms.

Yoshifumi Yoshida, chief operating officer of Epson's Robotics Solutions Operations Division, says,

"Epson's Corporate Vision expresses a strong commitment to driving robotics innovation. We are refining our core technologies that combine sensors and smart features. . . . We see the WorkSense W-01, which harnesses the power of Epson's deep portfolio of technology, as bringing us one step closer to bringing about such a future."

The WorkSense W-01 will be on display at International Robot Exhibition 2017, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from November 29 to December 2. Please visit the website below for information about the Epson booth at iREX2017.

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