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Epson Ultimicron Used for Camera System LEICA T Visoflex Electronic Viewfinder

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By Graham K. Rogers


Epson Corporation has a considerable amount of experience in the development of the electric viewfinders found in many of today's digital cameras to view the subjects of photographs. The Ultimicron range of viewfinders was first released in 2009 and now uses the HTPS technology that Epson has used successfully in the global projector market.

Leica Visoflex It has now been announced that a version of the Ultimicron viewfinder is to be used in the Leica Visoflex electronic viewfinder developed for the new Leica T camera.

The Ultimicron measures 0.48 inches diagonally, boasts XGA (1024 x RGB x 768), 2.36 million dot resolution, providing the quality Leica requires. With the viewfinder "photographers can focus expertly reproducing rich color gradations and natural blurring when required."

An additional benefit is that "a color filter prevents the color break-up that can occur with other color systems when shooting fast-moving subjects and while panning."

Epson tells us that development of the Ultimicron series will continue to suit other quality viewfinders.

Epson Ultimicron electronic viewfinder

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