AMITIAE - Friday 31 January 2014

Significantly Improved Financial Outlook for Epson: Revised Guidance

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By Graham K. Rogers


It is not just Apple that is reporting good sales of its products. Epson Corporation have today issued revised guidance for its Financial year that ends on 31 March 2014. They use the term, "significantly" when describing the expected improvements to the balance sheet.

Epson is reporting an expected improvement from ¥34 billion to ¥52 billion (a 52% increase). This is due to a number of factors, including sales related to inkjet printers and related products in North America and Europe; from depreciation of the Yen; and "from the effects of fixed and variable cost reductions throughout the company."

As a result the dividend for the year is expected to rise from a projected ¥26 per share to ¥50. The revised outlook notice is available online

It would also appear that sales have increased greatly with a 20.2% rise from ¥624,152 in the nine months up to 31 December 2012, now rising to ¥750,493 ($7.1 billion) in the same period for 2013.

A short version (highlights) of Epson's third quarter financial results is available online, with details in a full version also available.

Graham K. Rogers teaches at the Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University in Thailand where he is also Assistant Dean. He wrote in the Bangkok Post, Database supplement on IT subjects. For the last seven years of Database he wrote a column on Apple and Macs.



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