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Cassandra: Reporting on Apple's 22 October Event

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By Graham K. Rogers

Overnight, Apple put out one of its enigmatic invitations to an event at Yerba Buena on 22 October this year (10 am Cupertino Time). This was not totally unexpected as there sometimes seem to be releases around the time of a quarterly financial report (October 28, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. PT) and there had been some rumours in the last few days about 22 October as well.

Apple Invitation

Needless to say, although the invitation only has the words, "We have a lot ot cover" - in keeping with the aura Apple likes to maintain about new products, there is much speculation about what is coming.

  • Most likely, thinks Mark Gurman, on 9to5Mac, is the iPad, but not just any old iPad. This, he suggests will be "a redesigned full-sized model that looks like a larger iPad mini and a new iPad mini that boasts a Retina display". He also mentions iWork, the MacBook Pro versions, Mavericks and the Mac Pro.

  • The report on AppleInsider comments that the leaves come from the stem of the Apple logo in the invitation from Apple and also thinks that the iPad is favourite here, suggesting that it is "likely to have thinner side bezels and a slimmer profile, allowing the device to be more portable and lightweight while retaining its 9.7-inch screen." Less speculative than Mark Gurman, this end with a weak, "Macs, OS X Mavericks, and other potential surprises" which leaves all it fairly open.

  • MacStories Federico Viticci also goes for the "9.7-inch iPad" but expects that this will be "sporting a case redesign inspired by last year's iPad mini". He also thinks there will be "a second generation iPad mini with a higher resolution Retina display." He also mentions that the Mac Pro is coming some time soon, as is Mavericks and iWork; and he includes the announcement that more countries are to see the iPhone (including Thailand).

  • On The Loop, Jim Dalrymple is as concise as ever and mentions iPad, iPad mini along with Mavericks and other Mac products.

  • Dan Moren on MacWorld is a little more wordy, but of the 10 am event at Yerba Buena, he likes "a fifth-generation version of the 9.7-inch model and a new iPad mini" and includes the possibility of "OS X Mavericks and redesigned Mac Pro," but wisely also suggests that "you can never completely rule out something unexpected up the company's sleeve". MacWorld will have live coverage of the event.

  • On iMore, Richard Devine covers the iPads, including the mini, but is not sure if this will be a Retina display version. Mavericks, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro are also wisely included.

  • Ars Technica are very confident that this will be an iPad event with Andrew Cunningham suggesting this is "expected to get thinner and lighter, and it will also reportedly include thinner screen bezels to bring it more in line with the design of the iPad mini." Mac Pro, Mavericks and Haswell-equipped MacBook Pro computers are also in the mix here and he confirms that Ars Technica will also have a live blog at the event.

Along with the above, OS X Daily, Kelly Hodgkins on TUAW, Electronista, GeekSugar and AppleBitch all speculate on the event. Some of the sources link to an article on AllThingsD by John Paczkowski.

Graham K. Rogers teaches at the Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University in Thailand where he is also Assistant Dean. He wrote in the Bangkok Post, Database supplement on IT subjects. For the last seven years of Database he wrote a column on Apple and Macs.



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